You may be astonished to know that more than 50 % of couples returning from honey moon have not been able to accomplish insertion of penis in vagina (unconsummated) according to a study done at Samadhan Centre for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.
The reason is obvious. Ignorance, better word is MISCONCEPTIONS, about the geography of the male and the female genitals.

The culprit is our socio cultural norms. [A PICTURE was removed from here by the author, considering it to be inappropriate for this FAMILY-SITE. You can request it by clicking here. If the author feels in good faith that it has therapeutic benefit for you then you will get a key to view the image.]

There is no sizzling sex during honey moon, but a silent suffering. How to manage unconsummated sex? Treatment basics.

ELEMENTARY, scientifically correct knowledge about the female genitals is missing.

FACTS are replaced by misconceptions primarily due to failure of formal Sex Education.
ACTS OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE are riddled with myths (not ignorance) galore.
Besides sex, the bonding between the two individuals, if they have not had premarital courtship is another important purpose of honey moon. We shall be looking at the physical sexual intercourse because if not played well this can ruin the bonding. For how to keep romance alive see Dr. Koparday’s ELEVEN LOVE SUTRAS

Clients usually report the problem to a Sex Therapist 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years after marriage. Such is the taboo attached to the subject. Excuses for delay in having children are accepted by parents of both sides, but no one is privy to their mental distress.
Applicable to male as well as female are the important TIPS given below.
Know the female genitals geography
Know the female genitals response to first sexual attempt
Know the male genital response and myths about it.
Clear your misconceptions about Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation.
Graded step by step exercises (techniques) are given by Sex Therapist.
If you do the above medicines may not be necessary at all.

Let us see the 11 Love Sutras of Dr. Ashok Koparday to savor the joy of love and intimacy.


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    more details of treatment would be beneficial
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