I am now 25 years complete. I have the habit of masturbation since I was in 8th standard. My science teacher said that it is harmful. I have not had sex with any girl till now. Occasionally I get liquid coming out with ‘sexy dreams’ at night. Will this habit affect my sexual life after marriage? Is non masturbation right or wrong? What are the problems i have to face because of this while having sex with my spouse? How to correct those problems? Will this leads to impotency? Kindly clarify my doubts. Awaiting with eager for ur reply


Masturbation v/s Non Masturbation

Is masturbation right or wrong?

I am sorry to say

that the advice of science teacher was either misunderstood or was wrong. There is no harm in masturbation and no gain in avoiding masturbation. Medical science has proved that masturbation is harmless.

On moral grounds also masturbation is safe and proper. Not doing masturbation is not “brahmacharya”.

Unfortunately the three letter word ‘sex’ is considered synonymous with the other three letter word ‘sin’.

SEX = SIN true or false

There is misconception associated with masturbation, which is widely prevalent and you are no exception. Masturbation is healthy and beneficial. Not having sex with any girl till now is healthy and is qualified to be called as virtue.

The occasional ejaculation in sleep that you mention is also normal.


Basically as a boy matures, under the influence of the hormone testosterone semen starts forming. Nature is preparing the boy to grow into an adult capable of reproductive function. Sexual desires surge.

There are only three outlets for the semen to be released:

1. Having sexual relations – This you have avoided and is medically and morally good.

2. Masturbation – This has no side effects whatsoever.

3. Nocturnal emissions – Night dreams, wet dreams – This is noticed by you (you have put into apostrophe in your email: ‘sexy dreams’). In a person who abstains from sex as well as masturbation only one outlet is left for nature. When you are sleeping ‘semen’ is released. Semen is being produced 24 hours and is meant to be released and not to be stored just as urine is not to be stored.

Will this habit affect sex life?

Masturbation is rubbing of penis commonly done using hand. Sexual intercourse is rubbing of penis using vagina. Both are similar. Hence it may be said that one who is doing masturbation for him sexual intercourse is easy because the process is similar. In fact masturbation is good substitute for sexual intercourse.

Sexual growth is in progress. Sexual desires are on fire and semen is being produced by the time you are 15 years. How and why should nature wait till you are 25 years? Nature has its own meaningful timing. You will not have problem because you masturbated.

I wish the false belief that masturbation is not good is wiped out from your brain this very moment.

If you are not clear about the reply or you have any other query do not hesitate to ask.


Your wellwisher,

Dr. Ashok Koparday

Medical Director


Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships

http://www.mydoctortells.com_ _ _ doctor on your desktop


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  1. If masturbation in male is justified with good reason. What about the female masturbation?

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