Paraphimosis Treatment



Paraphimosis Prevention and Cure by Sexologist Dr. Ashok Koparday

Last updated March 02, 2018

A. Paraphimosis Prevention

B. Paraphimosis Cure

B (i) Paraphimosis Treatment at Home Manually


B (ii) Paraphimosis Treatment by Surgery

Picture at the top is of Lignox 2%

Lignox 2 % containing Lignocaine 2 % serves as a local anesthetic.
Apply on the penis 5 to 10 minutes before pushing out the foreskin from behind the glans to the tip covering glans penis.

Paraphimosis treatment in adults

Paraphimosis treatment cream

Paraphimosis causes

Paraphimosis images

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Can paraphimosis heal itself?

Usually paraphimosis does not heal itself.

Don’t wait, immediately reposition the foreskin at its usual  position covering glans penis.

How long does paraphimosis last?

Paraphimosis can last for several days. The pain and swelling (ballooning) are unbearable. Left untreated there is a possibility of damage to penis by necrosis.

Foreskin ( Prepuce ) gets rolled behind often during vigorous sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Image by Ashok Koparday

A. Paraphimosis Prevention

After noticing that the foreskin (prepuce) is come back exposing the tip portion (glans) remember to promptly bring it forward in its normal position covering the glans penis.

If the foreskin is not pushed ahead to cover the tip portion of the penis ( glans ) it can get stuck behind.
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B. Paraphimosis Cure

B (i) Paraphimosis Treatment at Home Manually


Manual reduction of foreskin



If you do not bring the foreskin to its former position covering the front end of the penis then the foreskin tightens behind like a rubberband. This can result in swelling and infection (balanitis).

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Raveendar C, Banoth K. Evidence-based homeopathy: A case of acute paraphimosis with balanitis. Indian J Res Homoeopathy [serial online] 2013 [cited 2014 Dec 18];7:133-6. Available from:

Paraphimosis with balanitis

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Paraphimosis – Treatment – Step-by-step – Best Practice – English

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… the collection of Dr Ranjiv Mathews Paraphimosis can be extremely painful. Therefore, analgesia should be administered before treatment.


B (ii) Paraphimosis treatment by Surgery

Reduce swelling

  • Injection Hyaluronidase

Remove the tight band of skin

  • Circumcision
  • Dorsal Slit

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