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Nightfall 100% cure – ilaj (hindi may)

Nightfall VIDEO in Hindi

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Last updated September 25, 2014

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Do all boys and girls have nightfall
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Weakness/Kamjori due to nightfall
Nightfall myths/wrong beliefs
Ayurvedic Home Remedies to stop nightfall
What is the best treatment to stop nightfall
When does nightfall stop



mai pichle 7-8 salo se hastmithun krta hu…. mahine me kabhi kabhi nightfalls b hota hai… mai pahle se hi dikhne me dubla hu…. mera wajan b bahot salo se nhi bad raha hai…. mai abhi 24 age khatm hui hai…. aur waight sirf 43 hi hai…. mai baki friend k jaisa nhi dikhta, mai iss baat ko lekar bahot sochta hu …. to batao mai ab kya kru….

My Doctor Tells: Nightfall

हस्तमैथुन या नाईट फ़ॉल से कभी भी किसी भी तरह का नुकसान या हानि नहीं होती।

Nightfall does not cause any harmful effect, in the present or in future.

Dr. Prakash Kothari says:
Swapnadosh may koi dosh nahi hai. Woh swapnmaithun hai aur jawani may swabhavik hai.

स्वप्नदोष में कोई दोष नहीं है। नाईटफ़ॉल को स्वप्न्मैथुन कहते है।

What is nightfall

Nightfall means sexual orgasm while asleep. Nightfall may be with or without release of semen in boys and wetness of vagina in girls. Sexual dreams may or may not be present. Nightfall (Night fall) or swapnadosh is also called Wet Dreams or Nocturnal Emissions.

Do all boys & girls have nightfall

Medical surveys and statistics report that nightfall may be regular feature in most boys. Nightfall is more frequent in unmarried boys. Some boys and some girls may not experience nightfall. Alfred Kinsey’s study reveals, “By age 16, nine in ten men have had wet dreams (nightfall)”.

Millions of unmarried boys silently suffer because of the wrong belief that nightfall is harmful & spend lot of money and time to cure nightfall, but nightfall doesn’t stop and they end up having multiple physical and mental problems.

Nightfall in girls: Do girls have nightfall?

Girls too have sexual dreams during sleep. There is no noticeable discharge as is in men. Nightfall in girls is less frequent than nightfall in young boys. Alfred Kinsey’s study revealed, “40 percent of 5,628 women he interviewed experienced at least one nocturnal orgasm (orgasms during sleep), or ‘wet dream,’ by the time they were forty-five years”.

What problems does nightfall cause

Nightfall never causes loss of energy or any bad effects, nor does nightfall cause any harm in the future. Nightfall is not sin. Nightfall is spontaneous, natural discharge of small quantity of semen at night with or without sexual dreams.

Nightfall: Myths-Wrong Beliefs

98 % people have wrong beliefs about nightfall/swapnadosh/wet dreams/nocturnal emission.
The wrong beliefs are of various kinds.
False Beliefs:
Nightfall causes weakness/kamjoori.
Nightfall causes hair loss.
Nightfall causes problem in sex or difficulty in getting children later in life.
Nightfall is bad for health
“I am not putting on weight because of nightfall. Mein dubla hun“.
Nightfall causes mental problems.
Nightfall causes weakness in memory.

There are many more false beliefs about nightfall just as there are false beliefs about masturbation.

Is kamjoori/weakness due to nightfall problem

Many quacks earn huge money by telling millions of gullible boys how harmful nightfall/wet dream is. On internet too sitea advertise about package of Ayurvedic treatment, Home remedies, Herbal medicines, Homeopathy as cure for Nightfall. These web sites, books and quacks (bogus doctors) give credence to the false beliefs about nightfall, plunder wealth and ruin health of young boys. Pseudo saints too assert nightfall depletes energy and openly sell Herbal, Avurvedic medicines supposedly to restore vigour lost due to nightfall/wet dreams/nocturnal emissions.

Ayurvedic Home remedies to stop nightfall / wet dreams / nocturnal emissions

Many frightened boys convinced that great harm is caused by nightfall spend lot of money taking Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Natural remedies and whatever else is sold as treatment to cure nightfall for several months and years. However, nightfall does not stop. These young boys become utterly desperate for best medicine to cure nightfall. When nightfall does not stop boys suffer silently as they are ashamed to disclose about nightfall to parents or their family doctor. Unable to stop nightfall boys become extremely miserable, utterly distressed, totally frustrated, highly worried and often go into depression. They have (psychosomatic) symptoms like aches and pains. Worry and guilt about nightfall badly affects their physical and mental health causing further worry and their wrong belief that nightfall is causing all this ill health intensifies. There is no exaggeration in what you are reading now. This dreadful suffering is really happening with millions of real people each day.

What is the best treatment to stop nightfall

Cure / Treatment of nightfall
Nocturnal emission is not an illness. So the best treatment for nightfall is correct scientific knowledge that nightfall/nocturnal emission/wet dream is TOTALLY HARMLESS, spontaneous, natural process.

When does nightfall stop

After marriage sexual intercourse begins and nightfall becomes less or ceases. Those who masturbate too do not nightfall.

Why nightfall becomes less or stops after marriage

There are only three outlets for sexual release. In adolescence semen is manufactured and is released from body either by

  1. nightfall/wet dreams/nocturnal emission/swapnadosh
  2. masturbation/hastamaithun/hand practice
  3. sex

Conclusion about nightfall

Not knowing the medical fact that nightfall is NOT HARMFUL men worry a lot, spend lot of money & time to stop nightfall. Nightfall does not stop. All money is wasted and health ruined.


37 responses to “nightfall

  1. I think its side effect when semen released 2wice in a day.

  2. hi mera naam rahul hai mera age 23 year hai mai karib 15 saal ki umar se muth marna suru kiya tha lekin ab mujhe 6-7 se night fall ho raha hai mera body patla hai plz mujhe is problem ka upaay batayen

  3. sir,
    mai pichle 4-5 salo se hastmithun krta hu…. mahine me kabhi kabhi nightfalls b hota hai
    Iska kiya ilaaj hai

    • Yeh padna

      yeh video dekna
      स्वप्नदोष या हस्तमैथुन से किसी को भी कोई नुकसान नही होता।

      वास्तव में धात तो २४ घंटे बनते रहता है और वह बाहर निकलने के लिए ही बनता है। जब तक शादी नहीं होती बाहर निकलने का राज मार्ग है हस्तमैथुन। लेकिन हस्तमैथुन बुरा होता है इस गलत फैमि की वजह से कुछ लोग जबरदस्ती रोक लगाते है। तभी रात को धात निकलता है जिसे नाईट फ़ॉल लोग कहते है। इसे स्वप्न दोष भी लोग कहते है। परन्तु इस में कोई दोष नहीं होता। डॉक्टर इसे स्व्प्न्मैथुन कहते है।

      आप यदि खुद को कमजोर समजते हो तो नाईट फ़ॉल या हस्तमैथुन के वजह से कोई कमजोरी नहीं आती। कुछ लोग एक्टोमोर्फिक (पतले) दीखते है। यह उनका नार्मल कुदरती प्रकृति की वजह से।

      फिर भी आप को यदि लगता है की शरीर अच्छा स्वस्थ होना चाहिए तो आप को व्यायाम (एक्जर्साइज) नियमित रूप से करना चाहिए। सेल्फ रिस्पेक्ट (आत्म सन्मान) बड़ने के लिए अच्छी किताबे पड़ना जरुरी है।

      अपने डॉक्टर को भी आप कमजोरी की बात बता सकते है। ब्लड हीमोग्लोबिन टेस्ट करने के बाद आयर्न की दवा जरूरत हो तो वह आप के लिए देंगे। उससे शक्ति बढ़ेगी।

    • Namaste,
      Eh video aap ko sex ki woh mahatvapurn bate batayega jo na to aap k
      ghar may mata, pita nay batai aur
      na hi school, college may padaya.

      Aapka Happiness doctor,
      Ashok Koparday

  4. For many years I did not get night fall. Is it harm full please reply me .my health is good

    • Hi Waqar,

      Just as “having nightfall is bad for health” is a myth so too “not having nightfall is bad for health” is a myth. If you don’t have nightfall there is nothing wrong or harmful.
      Have fun,
      Dr. Ashok Koparday
      Happiness doctor

  5. Sir,meri age 20 saal hai mujhe 6 saalon se nightfall ki problem hai week me 5-6 baar nightfall ho jata hai or maine bahut medication bhi try ki hai lekin koi fayada nahi hai sir mujhe bahut tension rahate hai . Plz sir mujhe koi correct solution bataiye.plz

  6. hello sir my name is jodh singh form gurdaspur post office pin code 143521 help me sir plz me probalma is night fall age 19 plz help

  7. sir, I m having nightfall from 4 years. I m in tension. plz tell me any soiution

  8. sir,my age is 23 yrs. I am also feeling problem in errection. I mean my pennis becomes less rigid than normal on errection. plz suggest some cure

  9. Prosenjit Roy

    dr plz treatment me
    my age now 19 but i am mastrube 7 year but now nightfal every day.Month 10 or 12 and very weaknes

  10. sir plz tal me hw to stop this m realy wroed

  11. Sir mujhe karib 8 saal se nightfall ho raha h …mahine m 4..6 baar hota h …mene doctor se dawa li aur ayurvedic capsules bhi khaye …lekin jab mwdicine band karta hu to phir se nightfall hone lagta h …..sir kuch medicine bataye ….kya nf cure try karoo….

  12. nightfall problem in running

  13. Mera question yah hai ki apne se hamlog jo bathroom me night fall karte hai kya usse koi problam hai my age is 17 years plz mera Q. Ka jawab de

  14. Tripura Kumar rath

    sir mara pichal 2-3 sala sae night fall horaha bohut dabayae khya hoo lakin kucha fidha nahi horaha please batya ma kya karu tripura

  15. Chandra prakash

    Hello sir, mai 7-8 salo se hastmathun kr raha hu. Mera erection aur rigidity to thik hai lekin size 5.5 inch hi hai. Muje swapndosh bhi frequently hota rahta hai. Ab meri sadi bhi hone wali hai muje dar lagata hai mai apni patni ko santust kr paunga ya nahi. Ek bar hastmaithun ke baad penis ekdum patla aur chhota dikhne lagata hai uske baad erection bhi der se hota hai. Kuch sexual weakness bhi feel hoti hai…solution bataye plz plz plz plz i m in great trouble….

  16. why are you playing with the life of others ???
    there are thousands of posts on internet from the victims of over masturbation , all of them say the same thing , weight loss , weak sexual power , low confidence , memory loss, low mental strength etc. all these happens due to over masturbation.I have also experienced its side effects. plz stop ruining others life , guys if u are masturbating , then stop it. it will make ur life hell, go and see an ayurvedic or unani doctor who treats these kind of things by herbal medicines. if some one says masturbation doesn’t effect ur body then its my sincere request to them plz start doing it 5 times a day daily and you will get the answer.

      Mujhe khushi hai ki koi baat likh di aur aap nay man liya aisa aap nahi karte.
      (aap k diye hue email par hum nay jawab bheja to email bounce hoke loauta. Matlab aap nay diya hua email jhoota tha)

      5 Tips to know that you are on authentic website and not on bogus / quack website


      Dekhna ki us website say dawaiyon k liye paise bataye hai.
      Kya yeh pad ne may aage ata hai: doctor ko milna 100% theek hone k liye. Yanhaa aap ko fees kharcha karna padega.
      Simple pariksha hai. Pata karna

      3 .
      Check karna website ka pramukh uddesh kya dhanda, profit munaffa kamana hai
      Yadi aap nay check kar liya aur pata lagaya ki is website say koi bhi cheej bechi nahi jati
      tab aap website par jo jankari di hai dhyan say padna. Abhi bhi manana nahi.


      http:// yeh website kuch bechti nahi aur kuch business men say paise lay kar chalati hai. Yedi aap ko yanha bhi wohi jankari mili jo is website par hai to samajna aap sahi jankari dene wale website par ho.
      Kya itna hi kaafi hai?
      Samjdar aadmi kahenge abhi to hume manana hi padega ki yeh sahi scientific jankari dene vali website hai.
      Nahi. Aur ek mahatvapurn test baaki hai.


      Khud sochna, parakhna, vichar karna, shanka fir bhi ho to apne passwale MBBS docor say ya usi website ko ‘contact’ kar k puch lena.

      Puri tarah say jab aap k man buddhi ko lage “Han! yeh jo hum nay is website say jana woh sahi hai”.
      AURONKO BHI LABH HO IS HETU APNE MITR AUR SAMPARK MAY AANE WALE LOGO N KO BATANA. Woh bhi parikh karenge jo aap k vishwas k liye uttam hai, jaise test say siddh hua. Unki dua aap ko milegi.

      Best wishes,
      Happiness doctor,
      Ashok Koparday
      Consultant Sexual Medicine Relationship Counselor
      Ex Teaching Faculty
      Seth G. S. Medical College & K.E.M Hospital and Grant Mediccal College & Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals,
      University of Mumbai

      Medical Director
      Samadhan India: Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

  17. sir i have understood about nightfall but my weight is decresing instead of increasing please suggest me a way or products to increase weight thanks

  18. I am 21 yearz old and having problem of nightfall from last 1 year i have nightfall thrice a week or even twice a day plzzz advise me medicine and diet ….

  19. I am 21 yearz old and having problem of nightfall from last 1 year i have nightfall thrice a week or even twice a day plzzz advise me medicine and diet ….i am weak physically

  20. Sir i am 21 years old i have nightfall problem from 1 year.i have nightfall thrice in a week or even twice a day i am very weak physically plzzz advice mee medicine and diet

  21. Sir i am 21 years old i have nightfall problem from 1 year.i have nightfall thrice in a week or even twice a day i am very weak physically plzzz advice mee medicine and diet..i have also backache and pain in my legs …plzzz advise mee

  22. Sir i am 21 years old i have nightfall problem from 1 year.i have nightfall thrice in a week or even twice a day i am very weak physically plzzz advice mee medicine and diet..i have also backache and pain in my legs …plzzz advise mee…m very worried

  23. Sir i am 21 years old i have nightfall problem from 1 year.i have nightfall thrice in a week or even twice a day i am very weak physically plzzz advice mee medicine and diet..i also have backache and pain in my legs plzzz advice me i am very worried

  24. Dr mujhe pasaab m katra aa rha h koi upaye bataye pls

  25. rasmiranjan malik

    Hy sir.i m 17year old.i have suffering night fall from last one so very weak .it occurs 3to4times a tell some soluation to cure it….

  26. hii sir i am 20 years old and i am very weak .my weight is 45 kg.. i have nightfall problem from 4 years . i think due to this my weight is not increasing. when i talk to my gf on phone my underwear gets wet plz tell me how to cure this and how i can gain weight.

  27. hloo mera naam daman hai main 19 years ka hun, and main pichle 5 years se hasthmathun kar raha hun…starting mein mujhe nightfall ki koi problem nahi thi month mein ek do baar hota tha to chinta nahi hoti thi par ab mujhe roz hi nightfall hota hai…kya yeh meri sehat ke liye nuksaan dayak hai ya nahi..agar hai to is se kaise cure karuj..???

  28. Hi sir
    My age is 26.
    I have problem with my foreskin.
    I can pull back foreskin completely when it was normal.
    But I am unable to pull back when it was erect and which causes me lot of pain.
    So please help me a way to get rid of this.
    Thanking you.

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