Dr. Koparday’s
11 Love Sutras
For every couple to keep love sparkling and alive
1 Get out. Go for outings. Often, and just you two.
2 Stay away from each other at least for a few days.
3 Angry? Hurt? Glad? Don’t suppress it. Express at the right time, in the right way. Say, “I feel hurt/angry/glad when ——- happened?”
4 She likes when sweet emotions are tenderly expressed. She gives sex for the sake of love.
5 He gives love for the sake of sex. Physical sex is important for him. Are you sure he is satisfied?
6 He secretly wishes to be a hero in her eyes. Don’t miss an opportunity to express genuine admiration for his attributes.
7 When she wants to get things her way she better use ‘please’, ‘thanks’. It is effective. Costs nothing. It really works.
8 Nagging with complaints make improvement impossible.
9 Did you ask her about her day, today? Do it. Shut your mouth, nod your head and listen. She likes to be heard by him. Don’t take her words as complaints or blame and feel bad. Speaking out is an important release for her.
10 When was the last you gave her a gift? Gift need not be a Mercedes car. It can be a simple rose. A greeting card sensitively selected means a lot to her.
11 Appreciate anything and everything you like about her. It keeps the romance alive for her. Now, that’s really important.

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