I have missed my periods. They were regular. Pregnancy test is positive. Please suggest good medicines so that I will get periods.
MEDICAL ABORTION IS LEGAL, safe and method recommended today.Combination of MIFEPRISTONE and MISOPROSTOL have brought joy on many faces.

In India Medical Method of Abortion is approved till 49 days. Evidence from studies done world over suggest that it is effective up to 63 days. Success rate is: 92 to 97% Failure rate is 3 to 5%. In these case Vacuum Aspiration is done.
No injections, no D & C (abortion surgery), no hospitalization. All medicines are to be swallowed by mouth. However, doctor’s prescription, supervision as well as back up health care facility is required.

She visits the doctor within 49 days of the FIRST date of the last menses.
In the first visit after detailed clinical history and examination, we call this
DAY 1 Mifeprestone 200mg is administered.
48 hours later on
DAY 3 Misoprostol 400microgm has to be taken.
Menses like heavy bleeding begins on
DAY3, the same day, usually within a few hours.
DAY 14 Doctor reexamines.
Common side effects like vomiting or vomiting sensation (nausea)can be managed by Domperidone along with Omeprazole. Abdominal cramps can be reduced by Paracetamol.

On Fast Track
Dr. Ashok Koparday


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  1. are there any fatal side effects of using these medicines and what are there chances ?

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