How and Where to ASK DOCTOR
Click ‘comments’ below the post. A question window will open.
To get personalized, specific EXPERT MEDICAL OPINION provide maximum details of your specific problem, such as _ _ _
You will get reply to your valid email.

The communication will be strictly confidential. We respect your privacy.
The more details you provide [measurements or images]the more precise and personalized will be the reply.

Age – Gender – Marital status: To get married/Just Married/Married since _ _
Since when is the problem

Did you have similar problem earlier? Provide details about it.
What treatment/advice you have taken so far?

What did the doctor say? What did your partner say about the problem?

Do you have other illnesses like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problem, Depression? Are you taking any medication presently? Are you allergic to any medicines?
Did you have abnormality in your reports of blood or other medical tests done in last two years?

Mention any other details, even if they appear small matters to you. This can be important if you want expert medical opinion that is specific to your problem.

What do you think is the possible cause of your problem?
What outcome do you expect from the treatment?


In women, if the doubt is related to periods, details of menses that include:
How many days you bleed? How many days cycle you have? Is it regular? What was the shortest cycle and the longest cycle during the last one year? Do you have unbearable pain during periods? What medication you take? Give past history of problems and treatment taken.

You will get reply to your valid email. The email will not appear on the website and will be only used to reply.
You may also check the reply below your query. Here too, your identity will not be ever disclosed.
Dr. Ashok Koparday
Medical Director
Samadhan India
Center for Therapy, Education, Research in
Sex, Marriage, Relationships

Ex. Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital and
Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals
University of Mumbai, India



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3 responses to “how-to-ask-doctor

  1. hi…i’m 18years old and i have only 13cm long penis…..please suggest any natural way how to increase my penis size…..please suggest…i’m very depressed about my penis size….

  2. Im 65 and when we make love it take me longer than I want to ejaculate,
    My wife is good she is always aroused and stimulates me as we are doing it
    I don’t mind that its longer, but sometimes its exausting. whats the reason?

    I thought as men got older it was just the oppisite to my condition.

  3. dear doctor,
    ive been trying to have a baby with my boyfriend for a whiile and it just hasnt seemed to happen. so i took a fertility test to check if it was me and it said i was fertile and so we asked my father in law how it took him to have his son and he said like 2 years, so we think it heredetary. is there anything he can do or any pills or anything the can take to make me pregnant faster?

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