Samadhan Special Skills plays crucial role by empowering you with tools to handle relationships.

Partners who make a real relationship work have certain skills. They know and practice core interpersonal skills, which allows them to form a relationship that can endure, deepen, and grow.

Samadhan Center provides professional program for developing SSS Samadhan Special Skills that help you enjoy healthy marital relationship.

What does



Samadhan Special Skills help you begin your married life well equipped with nuances in family matrix that need to be handled skillfully to sustain healthy family relations.

What is the right time?

As soon as a girl or a boy get engaged it is recommended that they take the benefit of the SSS program.

Why take up the



Marriage is not just union of two different human beings, but it is union of two families as well.

Marriage inevitably ushers in Relationship Matrix.
It is important not just to say, “Wish you a happy married life”, but to impart skills for having a quality rich married life. That is what SSS is all about. It is invaluable in establishing healthy relationships for a life time.

What is the benefit of

Marriage is a phase where there is a profound change in relationships. Begin new life with SSS so that the First impact can set you on the road to fulfilling relationships. Marriage entails slippery ground of differing expectations and values of life as well as unknown parameters. Marriage can be challenging even to the best amongst us. SSS is a powerful tool to have with you.

SSS program offers tips and tools for those seeking more meaning and healthy closeness in their relationship. A real relationship provides its partners with the opportunity for personal growth, development of the real self, and emotional and spiritual well being. If you have previous experience of bruised relationship SSS helps in relationship healing and opens doors to new promising life.

You get clear explanations, practical skills, insightful background, and a map for healthy journey that is possible in real relationships.

Can those already married benefit from Samadhan



Learn how to overcome the power of difference, diffidence and shame, which may threaten the level of your satisfaction. The dynamics of difference and shame have the power to set up the development of a false self. The false self defensively refuses to assert the real self. Overcoming the power of these dynamics is the source of transforming unhealthy wounded relationships and individuals into healthy ones.

The Samadhan SSS program rovides professional help in the following areas:

o Assertiveness Skills

o Overcoming Your Anger

o Overcoming Your Partner’s Anger

o Overcoming Difference and Shame

o Overcoming Your Anxiety

o Conflict Resolution Skills

o Direct Communication Skills

o Listening Skills

Dr. Ashok Koparday

Medical Director

Samadhan India

Center for Therapy, Education, Research in

Sex, Marriage, Relationships

Ex. Teaching Faculty

Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital and

Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals

University of Mumbai, India



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