A teenager asked me, “If we take all precautions [SAFE SEX]; both of us are willing, then what is wrong with having sex before marriage?” To this question about premarital sex, I add,

“What is wrong with having extra marital sex between
consenting partners?”


Mumbai Edition, Page 3, April 1, 2008

Do not leave without checking How to tell true love?”
Taking all precautions, popularly called as SAFE SEX means ensuring that
sexually transmitted disease [STI or STD] and unwanted pregnancy are avoided. The best method, in case you do not know, is using condom, during sexual intercourse.

Where this question was asked I had gone as Sex Educator. I had not gone to teach morality, but the question was [is] socially and morally relevant.
Since then I have asked this question as a part of my study and research in human sexual behavior to many people, teenagers and adults alike. I let you brood about the question and the answer that pops up in your mind. Let me continue with a riveting news that featured in
THE TIMES OF INDIA Mumbai Edition, on page 3, April 1, 2008;titled
Man [22 years] in love with aunt(23 years) kills uncle (30 years)

Man in love with aunt kills uncle
1 Apr 2008, 0058 hrs IST,TNN

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MUMBAI: A 23-year-old man, who stabbed his uncle to death over an affair with the deceased’s wife, was caught by the crime branch even before the offence was registered or the body recovered from a salt pan in Thane on Monday.

The accused, Ashok Harilal Kannojia (22), who hails from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, killed his uncle Keshav Kannojia (30), a tailor, on Sunday using a scissor in Naigaon on Sunday night. Ashok was arrested by the city crime branch and handed over to the Manikpur police station in Thane late on Monday.
“The murder was the result of an affair between Ashok and Keshav’s wife, Geeta (23). Ashok, who had come to Mumbai eight years ago, was living with Keshav until two months ago when the latter came to know about his wife’s illicit love affair.

A furious Keshav beat up Ashok and kicked him out from his Nalasopara residence. Ashok then rented a room at Meghwadi in Andheri, and was staying there,” said crime branch chief Rakesh Maria. However, Ashok was very much in touch with Geeta over telephone. “Ashok says that Geeta had instructed him to kill her husband but to make sure that he was not caught,” added Maria.

On Sunday night, Ashok met Keshav and offered him a drink. The duo went to a liquor shop in Jogeshwari. “Later, a sozzled Keshav boarded a train with Ashok who took him to Naigaon, near a salt pan where he allegedly stabbed Keshav with a scissor five times. Ashok then dumped Keshav’s body behind the bushes and went to Nalasopara where he spent the night with Geeta,” said Maria.

In the morning, Kannojia reached his Andheri residence. In the meantime, sub-inspector Anagha Satusi of the crime branch got information about a suspected murder and he took Ashok into custody from his residence.

Ashok has admitted to having killed his uncle. When the Mumbai crime branch contacted the Manikpur police station in Thane, there was neither any complaint nor were the police aware of the case. Later, the crime branch informed the Manikpur police about the location from where the body was recovered and a case of murder registered.

“Geeta is mother of five children. Ashok told us that he loved Geeta and therefore, killed his uncle,” said Maria.

THE TIMES OF INDIA Mumbai Edition, on page 3, April 1, 2008;
Do not leave without checking How to tell true love?”



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