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Backache, Body aches and pains, especially when all pathology investigations are normal, can be HIGHLY FRUSTRATING. They persist despite all medications and sincere efforts of ALL doctors.
How does this happen? How common is it?
What is the ETIO-PATHOLOGY of these illnesses called as Psycho-somatic illnesses.

ANATOMY OF PSYCHO-SOMATIC DISORDERS is interesting and provides key to the BEST MEDICINE.

Fever, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Overweight, Ischemic Heart disease, decreased libido, premenstrual syndrome i.e. PMS, Arthritis, Asthama, Acidity, recurrent infections are some more examples of psycho-somatic illnesses. They have their root in mismanagement of stress.

70 % to 80 % of all human illnesses are PSYCHO-SOMATIC. The Autonomic Nervous System translates Emotional Disturbances into Somatic Symptoms,
i.e. Body ailments.


EUSTRESS = Normal Healthy Useful

DISTRESS is not caused by
high stress, but is due to

What is STRESS?

Adaptation required when there is CHANGE in situation.

Getting 1 st rank or winning a lottery and such other happy incidences or unexpected and excessive change though DESIRABLE is also stress just as UNDESIRABLE change is stress. Nasty boss, unruly subordinates, flirting spouse are known to generale UNPLEASANT feelings. Being sacked from job or failure in examination or other important task are examples of common, immediately recognized happenings that are believed to cause DISTRESS.


It is not the good or bad happenings that cause Emotional Disturbances, but improper REACTION to them that causes DISTRESS. If unresolved, one EXPRESSES (arguments, fights, SADNESS OR MADNESS -extreme rage) or SUPPRESSES or if the situation passes away it lies dormant and SENSITISES making you vulnerable when similar situation resurfaces.

This is the way we REACT to stress. This REACTION is unhealthy as it leads to DISTURBANCES, —> DISORDERS, —> DISEASES depending upon the severity and duration of Emotional Disturbances.

Thanks to Dr. Mahesh Parikh MD PhD


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