Girls parents often hasten for marriage (or engagement)once they are convinced that a GOOD match is found for their daughter. Please, check the information provided by the boy thoroughly. This appears a trivial warning, but the story below should be an eye opener.


Does he really work in the stated post? (His pay slip)
Does he have loans?
Neighbors do not volunteer information unless you (or mediator) asks them about the ‘boy’.

Conman arrested for taking wife for a ride



appeared to be a successful lawyer and the perfect bridegroom. It was only months after the wedding that Sudhir Surve’s true identity emerged—that of a conman and a polygamist.

Surve (40)
is currently in the Oshiwara police’s custody. He has married thrice and his second wife, a 27-year-old beautician, has accused him of cheating her of Rs 14.5 lakh. The police suspect that he duped all the women he married.
Surve’s father is a former Mhada official and his mother was a schoolteacher. Surve is an Arts graduate.

to the police, beautician Sumita (name changed) had issued a matrimonial advertisement in a national daily in January 2007. Surve responded to the ad and visited Sumita’s Jogeshwari house. He posed as a lawyer and boasted of cases in the Supreme Court, which required him to travel to Delhi often. He also made false claims of owning a 5-acre plot at Thane, where he intended to build 50 bungalows for sale.
“Surve gained Sumita’s confidence by inviting her to his home at Sai Aishwarya building in Kandivli (E). His parents live in the same house but they were away that day. On May 14, 2007, the couple got married according to Hindu rituals and in the presence of few of Surve’s friends. But Surve did not get the marriage registered,’’ said senior inspector Kiran Sonone.

a few months after the marriage, all was well. Surve then told Sumita that he had bought a new flat in Malad (W) for Rs 50 lakh after selling the Kandivli (E) home. He, however, was falling short of money. He forced Sumita to sell a flat that belonged to her and part with Rs 14.5 lakh.

Surve stopped contacting Sumita. Whenever she called him, she was made to believe that he was not in town.

then decided to visit some neighbours in the Kandivli building. She then learnt that Surve’s parents continued to live in the house and that the accused had remarried in August. Surve had also been married to a woman from Kolhapur before being introduced to Sumita’s family; he claimed to have obtained a divorce from her.
After Sumita lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police, they trapped Surve on Saturday. A sum of Rs 11 lakh was recovered from him.

was booked on charges of cheating and produced before a local court, which remanded him in police custody till March 18.
Source of Image:
TIMES OF INDIA, police in action as
LUCK RUNS OUT for Sudhir Surve, who posed as a lawyer before marrying his second wife. The police suspect that he cheated his other wives too
March 18, 2008


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