Being LEFT HANDED is natural to some people. It is not their fault. They are equal as human beings in all areas of life except their preference of LEFT HAND instead of right hand.
Can you imagine your rage and suffering if you were to be treated as outcast, without respect and dignity because you are LEFT HANDED and not right handed as the majority? Nothing wrong with you. You are not to be blamed. You do not need to change and force yourself to what is popular, but not natural for you.
So it is in the case of people who are transgenders. How will you treat them?

Gender Identity


Gender Identity Disorder GID
is only the consequent
distress or disability, which is called
Gender Dysphoria

Transition is shifting from one gender type to other.
In simple terms it means

Sex change.
A woman is changed in physical appearance to man and lives the rest of the life as man. Female – to – Male


It is done in the guidance of team of Medical Professionals by means of
Psychotherapy for mental rehabilitation
Surgically and hormonally
for giving the desired change of sex.
Thus it involves more than
Sex Therapy,
Plastic Surgery,
Occupational Therapy.

such a shift in identity is being given in some parts of world.

Sex Change therefore involves

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) or Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS)
Hormone Replacement Therapy.

1. Gender Identity.
Gender identity is new to psychology and research is still in its infancy.
Trangender issues are both new in the scientific field and affect relatively few people, so understandably many mental health care providers know little about transgender issues. People seeking help from these professionals often end up educating the professional rather than receiving help

The terms
"dual-role transvestism",
"gender identity disorder in adolescents or adults" and
"gender identity disorder not otherwise specified" are listed as such in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD) or
the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) under codes F64.0, F64.1, 302.85 and 302.6 respectively.

In medical terms,
transvestic fetishism is differentiated from
by use of the separate codes 302.3 in the DSM and F65.1 in the ICD.

A Swedish study
estimated a ratio of 1.4:1 in favour of transwomen for those requesting sex reassignment surgery and a ratio of 1:1 for those who proceeded.

If you are not confused enough, refer wikipedia.

However, if you do understand the rules of cricket or soccer or the rituals or caste system you would understand the above easily. The people of THIRD GENDER or OTHER SEXUALITY feel respected as human beings if you do remember what these preferences mean. They are struggling for FREEDOM from SUFFOCATING, MISERABLE LIFE. It is a disposition they have inherited like LEFT HANDED person, but they suffer because of the misconceptions of the majority.


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