5-things-in-man-that-attract- woman

ONE WORD is enough to tell what woman wants from man. What is it?
If you cannot figure it look for the answer at the bottom of this post. No woman or man has succeeded in disproving the ‘answer’ till today. If your mind is scanning that single word, here is a tip. It is something that includes ALL!


5 things woman seek in a man are the following.

1. Provider = Husband
2. Lover = Sexual Partner
3. Friend = Counselor/Support
4. House-husband = Home Manager
5. forget it does not matter _ _ _
The guy is from good family, educated, earning handsome salary, high level executive post in a reputed company. Not seen in company of goons, not and addict. Irrefutable character. Taller and handsome. Picture perfect.
In India the parents look for such a boy. Among those selected by the parents, there is a family meet, where the girl sees the boy. One of them is approved. There is engagement soon after, followed by wedding. Almost a stranger, except the days between the engagement and wedding they talk on phone. This is undoubtedly the most romantic period of the couple.

He is simply, irresistibly attractive. Some call it chemistry or love at first sight. It is actually raw lust. Usually both are already married. One of them has been through bad times. The guy is baddie like ribald, humorous sometimes to the point of annoying. He does have reputation of sexual indulgences. Liberty of arguments enhances the teasing. She may say at this point to the husband that he is “not this”, “not this”, hence question about taking him seriously does not arise. Husband knows him and takes matter lightly, too busy with his work or takes him in good faith as wife’s friend. The ambiance in his presence is vibrant. They use slang liberally. He has gone through or is going through bad times himself, so has she (obviously they are married). The monotony of daily drudgery is broken. They find opportunities to go out. Then they create opportunities to meet. For her it is a dream world. She believes, or knows that he is not interested in sex aspect, but he really loves her. She can get wildly angry if he breaks some appointments or promises. Never in her life she thought she could get this out of the world experience. For him there are few romantic moments in expensive places with style beyond means. For him however, the conquering is not complete until he has her kneeling down and intense love [sex] is experienced.
He wins so much of trust that she would not mind giving in for making love (sex).

Intimacy first with eyes.
Then through talk on the phone
followed by casual body contact.
She gets expensive gifts.
Then they are together where no one recognizes.
More surreptitious meetings at places, and spending of big money, dreams and plans.
Then you know.

If you are not like the second one and you appear more decent and if you avoid lewd talk or make the mistake of praising her (she is sick of those humble kind of people)your attraction spell will be limited up to being a place where she can talk and vent out her feelings. That much and no further.

In addition to these, the fourth type is longed for to take care of those routine things, which she is traditionally supposed to do. Usually she prefers, hands down, career/office.
This type of person one does not get, hence she gets arthritis, or back ache and cannot make love with No. 1
Usually No. 1. = No. 4
Hence, I was not going to mention him separately, but
4. is full time servant, the one whom she can yell at, pay less, and get herself a cup of coffee when she returns home.
Does not matter.
Inputs from student who has made the author of the site mentioned below Guru of “Science of Attracting ANY Woman for (Dating) Mating”. ANY is to emphasize specifically even women who are married or unmarried, wealthy or celebrity.
Tip: Those who want a tutorial for No. 2 will benefit from /double your dating.
The special qualities, eg. fame, wealth, personality are required so that a woman would by default get attracted to you, helplessly, the way a dog would get attracted to biscuits, naturally. Fame and Wealth cannot be created over night. The Personality features can be molded (no matter if you are ugly or even handicapped) to do the trick. This is what the website claims:

“You’re About To Learn Secrets That Most Men Will Never Know About Women…”

Inside you’ll learn…

* “The Kiss Test” – How to tell if she’s ready to be kissed.
* The difference between how men and women think about dating – and why most women want to keep you from being successful.
* How to use “secret” body language to keep a woman’s attention.
* How to approach a new woman that you’d like to meet – and exactly what to say to start a conversation without “pick up lines”

Answer is “Everything.”


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