Dear Mom,
Thanks for being my best friend?
Do not fail to read the mantra for parenting teenagers.

Be teenagers friend.
Teenagers thirst for friend.
Mantra for raising teenagers successfully is to be friend of your young teen and also their close friends. My definition of (parent) being a friend is that your petite teen can openly speak to you about all intimate day to day happenings.
Parenting teenagers becomes easy if you are friend to your teenager. If you are a mom teaching teen, than teen advice is better accepted if you are friendly, open, and do not keep criticizing everything the teen does. Then you become teen witch.
Trust me watching teenager blossom is a joy. Do not miss this wonderful experience.
Know friends of your teenager.
To know all the close and cute teens who are her/his friends
one way is to invite all teens friends for a party at your home. This way you get to know them personally.
Other option is call or sms or email jokes to these teens.
Parenting teenagers
Importance of friends.
Your teenager’s friends
influence your teens behavior.
b] Friends of teen
provide immediate help when your teenager is in a difficult (emotional or any other) situation,
c] and these friends can
fill you with details about your teen in case you want to counter check.
What is required?

The three Ts
Do you have time to be with your teenagers?
Trust, Time, Talk are the keys for the well being of your teenagers. If you do have the three Ts than watching the teens blossom is a joy that no money can buy.

The rule of thumb is “There are no problem children, there are problem parents.”

Raising teenagers:

Are you a troubled mom teaching teens or parent of troubled teen?
‘For mother of teenager it is natural to worry’, is that your belief?
Be vigilant, but to not pry or keep nagging. They are not your children. They have only come through you. They are children who make next generation different.
Parents cannot impose, they can only influence teens.
They are born with their own programmed software and they will move in that direction, whether you like it or not. Example: A doctor can not insist that his son be a doctor. S/He may turn out to be CEO of Event Management Office. Some thing that never existed in your time.

You are afraid of teen chat rooms, teen movies, exploited teens, teen suicide, teen depression, troubled teens, teen books, teen idols, teen love, teen health, teen dating, teen clubs, pregnant teens, teen fashion, teen clothes, gay teens.

Last mantra
Do not look obsessively at the bad consequences. Look at the beautiful possibilities for teens and rejoice.


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