first-in-first ten-in-google-msn-yahoo

FIRST and SECOND in Yahoo (1 – 10 of about 151,000,000),

in MSN (1-10 of 9,040,000) and

google (1-10 in 1610000) search

How does your website come in first top ten in yahoo/msn/google search?
is FIRST and
2 nd2nd in the WORLD in Google, Yahoo, MSN Search on the FIRST PAGE.

Search ‘Ask Sex Doctor’. You will find that this blog that you are reading
is 4 th in the WORLD (401000) in 4 months.
Check the archives page, if you wish.

There is an interesting story related to this blog.

Story of

FIRST and SECOND in top ten in yahoo,msn,google.


on the internet
was just an email id: ‘milansamadhan’ [translated it means: intimatesatisfaction]
at Even now I get queries there.


The HELPLINE started in cybercafe.
I would pay per hour to use the internet and the PC.
I pestered the cyber cafe owner by asking
‘How to open pages on the internet?,
‘How to work with Microsoft© documents?’.

The cybercafe owner’s patience began to wear thin.
The next thing was, I did an primary 5 sessions basic course on using Microsoft Windows at NIIT©. National Institute of Internet Training is the long of NIIT©, I presume. NIIT© is popular and close by.

The doctor used to be missing from the clinic.
This bothered my family. They called my friends from
IIT © (Indian Intitute of Technology). They purchased
and assembled a Desktop PC using original latest configuration.

So the HELPLINE shifted to my office.

Next, it was thought that website would be
better in delivering contents than an email id, because
each reply used to be read by me and personally replied.
Even now the replies are not automated.
Individuals asking about sexual dysfunctions
and the consequent problems started showering blessings
on me and my family as they were relieved of tremendous,
bottled up, unspoken suffering related to sex problems, which were
the most intimate and private
aspects of their life. was born. I am not inclined to tell you the intriguing story
of the delivery (labor pains) during and following the birth of


Sexual Health, Sex Education
is still shrouded and kept closed in a coffin,
when pornography and sex related crimes, sex abuses were
easily accessible, age no bar.

continued_ _ _ when and how mysexdoctor came prominently on the web?_ _ _


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