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1. Is horoscope/rashi/kundalini matching necessary dr.vimaltai_mundada.edubefore marriage?
2. Is Blood Group Matching Necessary Before Marriage?
3. Is HIV testing necessary before marriage?
COMPULSORY BY LAW (within the coming 6 months)

Dr. Vimaltai Mundada, Public Health Minister, Government of Maharashtra, will be taking a spectacular step when the proposal that “HIV testing be made compulsory before marriage” will be made the law within 6 months as reported by Zeenews Bureau.

Blood groups of prospective bride and the groom has to match is definitely a superstition created in the recent past.

zeenews bureau flashed with the news

Mumbai, Feb 01: The study committee set up by the Maharashtra Health Ministry has proposed that testing for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) be made compulsory before marriage.

It has unanimously decided to introduce the proposal as a law within 6 months.

The decision was taken at a high-level meeting on Wednesday, presided over by Public Health Minister Vimal Mundada, 15 MLAs across political parties, an advocate and two doctors. The Public Health Minister, Vimal Mundada said such a move would create awareness and also control the spread of HIV.

In the two-hour meeting, the committee discussed the social stigma attached to the test, human rights and stressed on the need to educate school students about HIV. Dr Vimaltai Mundada, state health minister, said, “We will decide whether couples will need to produce the medical certificate at the time of the registration of marriage later.”

Advocate Jaya Nair, representing the Maharashtra Law Graduate Association (MLGA), the NGO that filed the PIL in 2004, added, “We will extend our support in drafting the bill and implementing it.”


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