Ask Sex Doctor, this blog that you are reading, ranks number
4 in Google Search today.
I started it4 months ago, when I lost all contents along with the website of the same name.
Ask Sex Doctor is designed to reply to your queries, doubts related to Sex.
You can ask or find about:

Design and funciton of Sexual Organs [animated pictures]
Puberty Changes in Teenagers
Safe Sex, Methods to avoid STI, unintended pregnancy
Quality Rich Marriage
Men Health, Male Sexual Dysfucntion
Women Health
Sex Problems – Dysfunctions
Sex Problems – in Diseases like Diabtes, Hypertension
Sex and the Elderly
Old Problems New Solutions
Treatment Methods – Advanced as well as conventional herbal methods.

Dating, Mating, Internet and Sex
Naughty after Fourty
Art of Love making
Sex Tantra, Kamsutra
Sex toys, Pornography

Ask Sex Doctor is designed to reply to your queries, doubts related to Sex.
Personal Touch
Ask Sex Doctor is precise personal reply to person’s query.
I have refrained from medical jargon hence Ask Sex Doctor is easy-to-read, yet thorough in its content. No need to visit a Sex Therapist.

Ask Sex Doctor


extra marital, pre marital, intra marital, parent – teenager.

Quality Rich Marriage

Marriage ProposalLooking for marriage partner. How to find the perfect match for you?

Making Love
Ask Sex Doctor about the heart, art, skill and science of love making, romance, sex, satisfactory relationship technique. Sexual knowledge Guidance before marriage

Men Health

Ask Sex Doctor is also helpful in dealing with sexual difficulties caused due to side effects of treatment methods including surgery.

Women Health

Impressive Personality

Ask Sex Doctor about personality and relationship factors, which affect one’s Sexual life. Ask Sex Doctor helps restructuring relationships. We cannot live without relationships.

Female Sexual Dysfunctions

Women with sexual desire disorders, pain during sex, no orgasm, unable to either take or give sexual satisfaction. Those with hormone imbalance, menses related difficulties, during sex no satisfaction


Other Sex
Ask Sex Doctor about fear or pleasure about homosexuality, gay or lesbian.

Gender Identity Dysphoria

Dating Mating

Sex on the Internet

Research Updates

Advances in Science, Medicine related to Sexual Health.

Other Healing Methods

Sex Tantra, Kamsutra

Sex toys, Pornography

Ask Sex Doctor has capsules of humor, too


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