hypothalamus-activates-pituitary_puberty_beginsTeenage Begins in the Brain

For Parents of Teenagers.
Changes begin with the signals passed by the
The hypothalamus in the brain stimulates the pituitary gland
by secreting the gonadotrophin releasing hormone.
Due to this the pituitary gland, the Queen of all hormone producing glands, starts releasing follicle stimulating hormone [FSH] and leutinizing hormone [LH].
Asian Indians like to call the hypothalamus ‘The Third Eye’ of Lord Shiv.

The hypothalamus is located close to the pitutary gland.It has astounding powers, one of them being influencing body processes that occur as a result of changes in brain. These brain impulses get transmitted through the hypothalamus to body’s autonomic and peripheral nervous system as well as other endocrine glands. The immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine [Hormone]system though different by name are closely interconnected and influence one another.

When the follicle stimulating hormone [FSH] and leutinizing hormone [LH] arrive at the boys testis they induce production of the
Sex Hormone testosterone, which runs to all the parts of the body bringing about changes that we know as puberty.
Images adapted from BBC puberty interactive
copyright ©BBC


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