The Editor,
Times of India,

90% of men kiss their wife goodbye when they leave the house.
The rest kiss their house goodbye when they leave the wife

Divorce damages social environment. Bonding becomes difficult because ‘trust’ is contaminated.

Sex hungry roving eyes are added in the society we live.

Sexual desires can be so compulsive that the divorced guy ensnares the gullible by giving false promises. It is late when realization dawns that she has been ‘used’.

No doubt risk of sexual harassment at office increases.

Faith in ‘Marriage’ being a special bond to be coveted and cherished life long goes to the dogs.

Which university is going to sponsor me to study pscyho sexual impact of divorce on on society?

Dr.Ashok Koparday
Top News,

Times Online, UK
The Age, Australia
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
Sify, India
All news channels published the study of the damage caused to environment due to divorce.


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