There are some questions that pop up in the mind when s/he is going to get married.
Questions like:

  • If we do not want pregnancy for a year what are the safe methods?
  • Just as condom is used only during sexual intercourse are there pills to be taken only during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy?
  • What is Copper T?
  • Every boy and girl who are going to get married ought to know Essential Knowledge about Male Sexuality, Female Sexual Response, Birth Control, Relationships if they wish to have a quality rich married life.
    Dr. Ashok Koparday

    Can urine pregnancy test be done immediately after sex to know about pregnancy?

  • What is the duration for the passage to break so that sex can happen?
  • Is there bleeding during first sex?
  • If sperms go in the mouth during oral sex is it hygienic?
  • Is sex during menses hygienic?
  • How is the extralonglasting condom different from other condoms?
  • Can I get my periods immediately so that during the marriage rituals I will not be having periods?

For answers…..

These are not all, but some of the questions that a couple wants to know before marriage. Click here to know about safe period for sex.Keep an eye on this page if you want to know the answers from an authentic source.


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