Did you ask me, “What is the right age for marriage?”.
It is immediately after teens.
20 years to [maximum] 25 years is appropriate for both boy and the girl and the would be child.

Just one reason is elabortaed here.
Couple’s age
Marriage besides other things entails Social, Legal and Personal [Mature] sanction.
The Queen of Endocrine glands, Pituitary gland, has set aflame changes in sexual organs making humans capable of reproduction. Follow the biological clock. All nature obeys rhythmic timing. During winter time it is going to be cold. If just because you fancy you walk in a swimsuit in freezing cold what would you be called? It is appropriate to wear warm clothes.

20 years to [maximum] 25 years
Dr. Ashok Koparday

Similarly it makes bio sense to engage in intimate physical, emotional relations after teens. As I keep telling people, in the mango season there will be mangoes, whether you wish or you do not. Ripening of mangoes is not going to wait. Similarly, do not make sexuality wait till you finish college or begin work and get settled. It is wise to go steady for a year or so till you and your well wishers are cannot resist from getting convinced that you get formally engaged. “I don’t care about others.” You better do. You do not live in an island, all alone, on planet earth. If your relationship starts shaking, or if you have financial difficulties or difficulties due to illnesses you require help. Your well wishers who could be your family, friends, neighbors or organizations to which you have devoted (spiritual organizations like ‘Chinmaya Mission’) are the ones that can help you.
From Child’s Point of View
Would be child will be on her/his feet when the couple is still young. When the child grows enough no more requires personal attendance and not debilitated.



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