Here is the beginning of my post.

They say
After marriage we have had no sex.
She says
He has not been able to insert.
He says
I come too soon. I am not able to insert.
I think I have erectile dysfunction.
Am I impotent?

The most likely underlying cause is ‘not being experienced.’
If she had or has fear at the moment of insertion or was told by friends/relatives, “Initially it pains, then it is OK. Yes, bleeding can happen, but all women do not have bleeding at FIRST SEX.”

This is the knowledge with which the girl is equipped.
She may be holding post graduate degree in Computer Science or Microbiology or may be a beautician. No matter what is her academic education, even if there are doctors among her family, this is the ONLY information she has.

Hindi cinema, Bollywood as we call it, is popular. Sex is something that comes in relation to ‘rape’ scenes. That is the impression she carries. With the hero the intimacy goes as far as running away from home to get married to kissing, not beyond.

His knowledge comes from XXX blue films, friends gossip, news magazines, ask the expert columns, Advertisements of sexologist on railway stations and in Magazines.

Experience, if ever, not being in a conducive setting is marred by either no erection or early discharge. A disappointment quietly hidden in the recesses of mind where it festers like an abscess.

If I allow you with pomp and celebration to fly and aeroplane, will you be able to do so? You require training. Correct knowledge.

So your aeroplane does not land on the honey moon, but comes crashing down.
Nothing to worry. You do not have an illness. You simply need guidance.

I repeat, “Almost always the most likely underlying cause is ‘not being experienced’, not having correct knowledge or rather having incorrect knowledge.”


2 responses to “unconsumated-marriage

  1. I can’t find anything on unconsumated marriages.I have one and need help!!!

  2. DR. ASHOK KOPARDAY Medical Director Samadhan Sexual Sciences

    The information regarding unconsummated marriage can be found here

    first sex unconsumated doctor’s tips







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