Sex and Religion


What would happen if such nude pictures were painted or carved on temple wall in today’s modern, advanced time?
Bloodshed and massacre.
If such defilement is done today on an existing temple, it can trigger not a small battle but a bloody war that can flare into national or world war.

Peace, safety, and sanctity will be destroyed leaving a painful sensitive, scar for the coming generations. Do I need to give example of such a religious/racial war? To resolve the paradox, it is essential to have a clear idea of sex, god, and life. One needs to know clearly meaning of the words vulgar, perverted, and dirty, sex, religion, divine, god, prayer, meditation, and temple.


Religion, Rules, and Ruler
Why was erotic sculpture possible then?
When Kings ruled the prosperous India in ancient times, the Masters or Religious Saints/Scholars were the supreme elite. Even the King revered them and obeyed their sayings.

Masters stipulated governance of State or life. Compilation of such rules of conduct is called the ‘Smruti’. Religion was not limited to Sunday, but was implemented in all the life’s activities.
Therefore, it can be said that the core or pith of religion as envisaged by the religious Masters of that period was enshrined in the architectural design of Khajurao temple.



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