Why sexual intercourse, nude sculptures were chosen in the temples of Khajurao?
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Sexual Pleasure takes a person to extreme form of joy that involves all sense organs, the mind, and the intellect. Sculptures depicting Sexual Postures represent all worldly pleasures (Kama), and means to them that would come under righteous conduct (Dharma), and accumulation of wealth/knowledge/skills (Artha).

Dharma Artha Kama Moksha

All human beings seek well meaning, fulfilling life.
For such a life, four goals (Purushartha) or pursuits are described as below.

First is [ धर्म ]Dharma (Righteous conduct).
Second is [ अर्थ ]Artha (striving for wealth and knowledge).
Third is [ काम ]Kama (all aspects of pleasure).
Fourth is [ मोक्ष ]Moksha (liberation from all seeking having attained the Supreme)

धर्म अर्थ काम मोक्ष

From the lower to the Supreme
‘Sexual postures’ on the walls outside represent all pleasures that can be derived from the world outside. ‘Idol’ in the sanctum sanctorum is the divine spark within each of us. Our body is the ‘Temple’.

The external sense organs through the mind and intellect undeniably give pleasures. Sex, is a representative signifying any pleasure, even the most paramount, and the climax. All throughout our life, from the cradle to the grave, we indulge in activities in the pursuit of pleasure.

Creation – Creator
Why is sex auspicious? Why there is no contradiction? Why sex is not equal to sin?
The three paragraphs below elaborate single theme.
Creation of life is a fact. Sex is necessary for normal creation. Creator of the world has designed sexual organs as well as sexual function. Therefore, sex cannot be anything but auspicious.
We see the creation of plants and animals. Therefore, sex, which is the principle requirement for procreation and so sweetly amalgamated with pleasure, is Creator’s design. Just as eyes are ‘to see’, legs are ‘to walk’ so are genitals or sex for ‘pleasure’. It is natural. Where does harm or sin come in sex?
There is Creation so we infer there is Creator. We may label it as the God. Sex is natural and necessary aspect of creation of life. Hence, Sex as a part of Creation is the work of God. Sex is holy. How can it be otherwise?

This is a thesis consisting of vivid descriptions with sex positions that seem to be forward for our times. It explains about the Art of Love Making and is not just a manual of Sex Positions.

Sex is representative of all Creativity. Hence, no wonder it was given an honor of place as a symbol of Creativity.
Sex Education
It stamps the religious sanction for Sex Education of an advanced country.

Ancient Times
Early medieval times
It reflects the life style, luxuries of those times. Sex is not sin and shun. Truly, religious and social sanction is hallmark of erudite, well-cultured society where sex, which is healthy, beautiful, free of cost, and natural, is adored. Such a healthy socio-cultural attitude towards sex helps reap full benefits of SEX for the individual, the couple, and the society.
फ्रॉम खजुराव
Take Home Message
The learning derived from the Temples at Khajurao in India
is simple, uncomplicated, and crystal clear. Sex = Sin is illogical. The belief that sex is sinful, and something to be shunned or abhorred is senseless. Give it up.

Sex with all the variations in mutual sex play is not abnormal, unnatural, or detestable. What a distorted belief, a burden of blunder we carry with us.

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