Why Pornography on the walls of temple in India?
In the ancient Temples at Khajurao in India, you will see one of the finest arts of sculptures glowing with rare mystic beauty. The awesome erotic sculptures on the temple walls in Khajurao in India have never ceased to amaze and evoke mystery. A sexologist from India demystifies and reveals the meaning of this strange contradiction. Also, see the pictures of the temple yourself.

What is the first impression at Khajurao?Religious Temple with the idol of the God divine inside and vulgar sexual postures of naked men and women in all sorts of sexual acts including what may be called dirty, perverted sexual acts carved outside on the walls of the same temple would appear as an anathema. How can Vulgar be Auspicious?
What a striking contradiction!
InferenceIn ancient times, in the then advanced country, India, Sex was considered natural, respectable, desirable aspect of life. A sensuous gift of nature.
Spiritual SignificanceWhat is the benefit?
What is the purpose of showing sexual postures on the walls of temple?
What is the rationale?

Through the temple the message given by the Rishi is: “Knowing the outside world now realize that NOTHING can give lasting joy in the ephemeral world outside, hence TURN INSIDE to reach the sanctum sanctorum of the temple wherein is JOY INFINITE.”

Anatomy and Physiology of Pleasure and The path to the SupremeThe divinity is within each of us. Our body is the temple.
Sculptures represent all worldly pleasures and pursuits. Human being derives all pleasure, from the most trivial to the highest, through sense organs, mind, and intellect. At the root of all our actions is the desire to seek the pleasant or to avoid the unpleasant. The Sculptures convey that knowledge about ways of seeking pleasure, or code of conduct related to harmonious living is essential.

Is this knowledge enough for total fulfillment that lasts forever and no further seeking is required?
The door to the temple symbolizes the gateway to the realm of bliss. The path that takes you to the temple away from the sensuous sculptures is the biggest blessing to human kind. It is the way to discover the Supreme by SELF REALIZATION, that has been mastered and propagated from Teacher (Guru) to the Taught (Seeker)


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