Is homosexuality weird and disdainful? What does Medical Science say? What does Law say?
How do homosexuals feel? How society treats homosexuality? What is the plight of those who are homosexual. Interesting and important is it not?

Medical Science
is in agreement that homosexuality is not a disease.
There is no treatment as there is no disease.

Just as left handed person is not sick person and to change him to be right handed is foolish.

The trouble is because people around [society] does not view it as a different form of sexual preference.

The Law
is changing in different parts of the world and homosexuality is legally permitted.

Specifically for homosexual

For a person who considers himself/herself to be homosexual the above information is vital. Let us see (only one point is discussed here)what can be done to help the person, who is a human being first and homosexual if at all later.

If you sometimes get aroused by the so called opposite sex than you are bisexual. Sometimes people label themselves wrongly and suffer.

Bisexuals can marry and live in conformity with society if they wish to. They may actually not be homosexuals but have mislabeld themselves because of few instances of sex play with same sex partners. This is not uncommon in hetrosexuals.

Consulting a competent therapist will help relieve distress.
Counseling can systematically sort out a person’s problems and get her/him back in an acceptable manner.


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