Core Areas

Can you believe that our medical HELPLINE resolves over
60% of peoples’ problems on the internet?
NEW Now our
‘ASK THE DOCTOR’ facility can be accessed with your cell phone too.

We would like active participation of web savvy people who can help make access to this site easy for any one who is looking for sex related help through internet.
Web tech people can help us to help maximum people.

We request geeks to be part of the team.
We have web technology related difficulties. This takes our time and focus away from providing medical knowhow.

Our Philosophy
Sex is natural, basic instinct in human life yet
a taboo in India and even in Western developed countries
Most of us seek Samadhan (‘Samadhan’ means Fulfillment) in such Intimate
and Important matters.

Sexual issues, which are usually hidden even from
one’s family doctor, if left un-addressed can lead to untold,
life long suffocating misery. Even the educated aren’t spared!

Our Work philosophy
The HELPLINE, which started with just an email id to ask and receive reply has grown to offer more. We work in the spirit of the Open Source movement, even before we knew about ‘Open Source’. We do not send automated replies to those who seek medical opinion. Each query is carefully seen by the doctor and you get reply directly from the doctor. This medical HELPLINE is a major endeavor for sex, relationship, family life related issues and is 100% free. There is not, nor will there ever be, a cost to pay for getting expert medical opinion. The articles here are free for download to anyone who agrees to comply with our free use license.

We have kept things simple. We do not specially ask that you link, or register, or subscribe to our newsletter or email service or pay donation.


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  1. great work

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