Core Team

* Dr. Hemant Inamdar (MBBS)
* Dr. Vinay Mirajkar (MD, DGO)
* Dr. Mahesh Parikh (MD, PSY, PhD)
* Ms. Shruti Koparday – (BSc, DMLT)Relationship Counselor

Directly or indirectly, in their best possible capacity, despite their own practice the above team have been contributing to bring you useful content and guidance in such topics, which though necessary are not talked about or taught about.

The Purpose Of Sex Education in a sentence:
Maximum Happiness to Maximum People for Maximum Time


Our Background
This Parent Center offers
Premium Treatment Modalities for all
different types of Sexual Dysfunctions &
Psycho-dynamic Family Life Counseling,
brilliantly innovated to suit Indian ethos


First & The Only Free
Helpline Service For Sexual Health On The Internet.


One response to “sexeducation3

  1. i am suffring from night fall 3 times in a week , i take 2 capsule of silajit in a day with water but no any benefit , will you ask me pervention of night fall , i watch blue films every day .

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