Why Sex Education?
Not To Teach People What They Do Not Know
But To Teach Them To Behave The Way They Do Not Behave
So that Maximum People get, Maximum Happiness For Maximum Time
How? takes a new fresh look at all aspects of sexual well being that are essential for growing into a responsible healthy adult capable of using sexual instinct to the best advantage for personal and interpersonal well being, ethically correct enjoyment, without being unduly obsessed by sex, based on sensible rational facts that have been brought into limelight by scientific studies. You will be glad to know facts, which knock out fiction.

There is no better cure for myths and misconceptions associated with sex than to know medical facts.

Sexual Science brought out of the closet, in the form of open book to educate every adolescent, for unlearning and for living a life of sexual satisfaction. Nothing short of this can bring down the sex abuse, sex disease -HIV-AIDS- a minuscule monster with a might that has thrown global challenge today by being more pervasive and silent than any terrorism that you can think of.
Group of dedicated team of very efficient
health care professionals
from allied medical fields support by providing their free expertise.


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