Humorous Definitions
By Dr. Ashok Koparday
Why is it said Medical Rounds?
Why is it said Medical Practice?
Why is s/he going to a doctor called Patient?

Medical Rounds
Why do they call medical rounds?
Medical Rounds is the official term used when doctors go round and round, but cannot straight away figure out what is wrong and what needs to be done.
The customer is always patient during, before and after the rounds.

Medical Practice
Why do they call medical practice?
Medical Practice is what they do with you.
Medical Practice is a term officially permitted because though the people complain [about their pains] they still allow the doctors to practice.

Why is it the person going to doctor called a patient, and not customer or client or sick person?
The person undergoing treatment requires paramount patience. Neither the doctor nor the sufferer know exactly when the suffering will end. Hence by definition the sufferer is called patient.

A person who is suffering may actually feel like yelling or kicking the doctor, but even a die hard criminal or agnostic displays reverence and courtesy.

Some people who do not believe in God, despite their own suffering say, “Doctor is my savior, my God” even when actually the doctor says, “Now everything is in the hands of God!” Such people with unusual patience qualify to be called as patients.
Why the patients are increasing in number?
Ecological Genetic Theory EGT

Patience is a rapidly disappearing human trait. Most people do not have patience. To maintain ecological balance and preserve the genetic trait of patience, patients are increasing in number all over the world.

Synonyms of “sufferer”

4 results
Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus

  1. casualty
  2. patient
  3. prey
  4. victim

Dis ease. Dis is Disturbed. Disturbed Ease is Disease.


The high sounding term used by doctors for your dis ease.
Apparently they are trained to do so for 5 years. Diagnosis helps Doctors to make a living out of your Dis ease. Diagnosis is a sophisticated system. There are huge books showing ugliest pictures of body’s insides. There are scams too. Lately to help diagnosis doctors have CT scam, MRI scam and the like. [the character m is typed as ‘n’ in the Medical Text Books].
Common cold is rhinitis. An itch is an Allergy. Dis Ease caused by high temperature is Fever
Etymology of Fever: short form of Fee giver



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