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You want to look impressive. Overall robust physical health and emotional health is imperative and it does not come from reading this secret or going to applying lotions or creams given by the best beautician. The link in the red above can help you make the right choices. Also you can see some recent topics mydoctortells. mydoctortells

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How to have an attractive personality? When girls spend long hours in front of mirror instead of dolls, they are blossoming. When boys ask for tonics to build biceps the growth spurt has begun? How to get rid of pimples? Here is a secret [many do not know it].

There is nothing that can replace SELF ESTEEM. If you do not carry yourself with dignity you will be a poor ‘me’. You want that others should through glances at you.
Do not believe that you do not have the stuff that others have to be attractive. In unspoken gestures this attitude conveys beggarly messages like, “Will you please be my friend?” You definitely will have friends and the best ones. Do not look out, look within. Talk to yourself. This is called self affirmation. “I am charming.” “I am the most attractive person in this place.” “I love myself.” Repeat any or all of these lines as many times as you can. They appear to be false and unconvincing. Does not matter. Make a beginning. Your persona will change. You will notice the difference.
Know that you do not have to always follow what other friends or majority say.
Put your foot down and dare to be different. You may actually be right and no one except you dared to say what was right. Others begin recognizing your leadership qualities. This draws respect. When in doubt close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself what is the APPROPRIATE thing that must be done. Having heard your voice dare to speak out firmly. Many habits, practices are foolish and go in the name of style or trend. You become different by showing that you respect your own word, no matter what others say. Take these three golden tips.


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