Why SeX education?

If deprived of correct knowledge the curiosity of intelligent teenagers [human beings as they are] wanders and gathers contaminated, incorrect knowledge, which is the single most common cause of sexual ill health, including HIV and AIDS.

I have taken programs for teenagers in educational institutes as an EDUCATOR to knock out sexual myths [old and new] and unravel sex mysteries by providing scientific facts about sexual health so that untold misery that people suffer due to widely prevalent sex related misconceptions could be prevented and people experience sexual well being.

An Educator in Sexual Health and Well being informs about

What does Safe Sex mean?

SAFE SEX, simply said, [in the limited sense that is popular today]is knowledge about how to prevent HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy.

Sex Education, Promiscuity, Morality

An Educator in Sexual Health and Well being is not a social reformer or religious pontiff to tell the youngsters what they SHOULD do or shouldn’t do, because the social and moral norms are going to be decided collectively by their generation, not by the Educator. I was providing facts about Sexual Health, the deprivation of which is causing mammoth misery. Teaching Responsible Sexual Behavior has been scientifically proven to be non provocative, thus not inducing promiscuous behavior and accompanying hazards. On the contrary licentious behavior is

where teenagers are taught Responsible Sexual Behavior. Teenagers are intelligent people. If schools teach subjects like geography and history, why keep the knowledge of their own body’s geography and history a mystery? Not just teenagers, but all human beings who are supposed to have brain in their skulls, NEED to know at least basic facts about Human Sexuality, [which is different from Animal Sex] to ensure Sexual Health and Well Being.

Sex Educators empower human beings to make intelligent choices for their Sexual Well being. Sex Educator’s job is not of imposition saying, “Do this, do not do this” or “This is right and this is wrong,” but is to provide facts so that they are well equipped to take proper decisions. Deprivation of correct scientific knowledge in human sexuality is causing mammoth suffering in teenagers, the young, the grown ups and the grown outs alike.


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