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Medical Science has been harping
I found very interesting revelation from an artist, who is my neighbor on blogspot.
Here you find “Benefits of Exercise” in a different aspect, from an artist’s point of view. Do not miss this blog.

“Get Some Exercise.”

I know it sounds strange, but many of the painters and artist I know need a bit of exercise to get the juices flowing. In fact, I think that painting and exercise share some similar traits. You know that feeling when you haven’t exercised in a while and you are just not inspired to put on your shoes and go for a jog. You make every excuse not to do it, and usually go and eat something instead. This is very similar to the inertia of painting. You have to take that first step. If you exercising regularly at all, you will know that the just after a good run or trip to the gym is the time when you are most alert and ready to go. So, go for jog or to the gym, and right afterwards hit the studio. You will be surprised at the creative energy that will flow. Many artists simply go for a good walk in nature�that is often enough. If you haven’t exercised in a while, try that. Go to the local nature park, take your camera, and see what you can discover. The key is to hit the studio right after you get back when the juices are still flowing. If you delay, the inspiration will be lost.

by Sixty Minute Artist: Jerry Lobo

If you continue reading the same post you reach a wonderful climax titled,

“Things Not To Do”

You can find the entire body at Jerry, I am keen to see your website getting dressed up in aesthetic beauty. Let your creative juices flow to make an art work, which I would be glad to post here.


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